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The Art of Memory

  The Art of Memory When we can traverse the plains of memory, stopping at each fire to warm ourselves before we start again on our journey, there is a world inside a world that keeps going on to infinity.  If we are lucky enough to hear the eternal melody that is at work in these moments, many fine hours may come upon us.   But sometimes the solace and hospitality are too much and we live with our new found companions, taking them along wherever we go, as a shadow upon our eyes.  The memories of Thoreau, or the early frontier narratives of Indian captivity, are something that I have felt eternal and unchangeable in human nature, not for any piece of information they have given me, but because my melancholy has always found peace in their environment.  For some the world is old or the world is new, but the point is that we tend to look at it through memory.  One memorable event confounds all future celebrations; we remember so as not to forget, but we do not remember that we are able t

An Excerpt from The Mushroom-Hunter

 Here is an excerpt from The Mushroom-Hunter  recently published in The Uninitiated. The Mushroom-Hunter 'To leave something is to find It again, never In the place where it resides. It always comes back To us, even a foolish, Or a timely friend, Sees the sum of its passing In our eyes....' Douglas Thornton

Doing and Non-Doing

  Doing and Non-Doing We are always making plans, always finding reasons to do things, or not to do things.  The mind knows the way, but it is in distinguishing the way that we go wrong.  Our nature has been to live up to ideals, to live up to goals, but there in the midst of our striving the ideal and the goal are indistinguishable from the unacceptable and the aimless.   As diverse as we consider ourselves to be, the real problem lies in the monotony of our diversity.  Most of it is only an admission of an ongoing trend, and the rest is a demand to be like others already there.  You can only go as far as sanity allows, but sanity heeds no excess when pursuing what is allowable.  In living up to your dreams there is the presupposition that you want to bring the world down to your understanding; thus, what we allow always inclines to the ideal.   Like it or not, we can never admit to anyone that we are doing nothing, and what we do admit of doing is always more than what is done.  To s