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Unpublished Poetry Series: The Field-Watcher

  The Field-Watcher When in the shadows of the passing day A seat is found, asleep in calm Soundness, as activity of the mind Cease, and the slow and wavy dreams Of reality vanish by timeless Art, he who observes the secrets Of the fast-forgotten world finds purpose Insensible to sleep, remnant Of future life.  The fullness of the stars Softly infuse the distant sky With rays of obscure light, the horizon Ever holds the dawn in glimmer. Douglas Thornton 2018

The Abyss of Experience

  The Abyss of Experience Sometimes living, or the life we undertake, is no more than a dream of the past.  One day we arise with some wonderful plan, work towards it, look at its many aspects, then realize it is not possible, and try to forget, but its momentum is still there.  How often has such an event, a moment of deep regret, or a moment of overwhelming joy, affected the way something in the future is reacted to?  We are in a bad mood and so everyone else must suffer; we are happy and everyone else smiles back.  Life is an ongoing series compiled one upon the other, interacting, falling away, creating new outcomes, but binding them all into a habituated pattern.  Yet there comes a moment when we really try to work out that wonderful plan, really try to experience it for all it is worth, but somehow we always come up short, or indeed approximate it with something we have already experienced.  The new path around the mountain is interspersed with memories of the old, however neithe

The Last Remaining Tree

  The Last Remaining Tree Where does interest come from?  The infinity of choice is often so heavy that likes and dislikes are not concerned with well-being, but are the passing of the wind through the leaves of a tree.  Sometimes a leaf falls off, a branch breaks, or the tree is overturned itself, but the wind is still blowing.  There is much that comes through us, much that may rip us apart, or knock us over, but that is because the wind has never ceased to blow.  Everything wants to be uncovered, room must be made for new leaves to bloom, new branches to sprout, and new trees to grow; even a slight breeze may help the new sapling strengthen its roots and trunk.  But there is often a wonderful aura that remains around the tree no longer bothered by the wind.  Perhaps we do not need new trees, but the old ones to grow with the wisdom it takes to remain firm. Douglas Thornton