The Primal State


The Primal State

In a world where everything becomes easy, we want solace to reach out to us, and it is not because we believe we should be served, or that the task is too small, but because we know not where to turn.  There is a profound weakness, a complacency that has been so long entangled with our fears, that we are always searching for a guiding hand, somewhere to be led, and this is the reason for our surrender.  

Our minds are made up of wonderful creations, they elaborate and enlighten everything, even when we consider them not capable of responding; it is just that, sometimes, our moral affinities or our concepts get in the way.  We are led to believe that anything we do today must be overseen, supported, and monitored, by an entity capable of guiding us in the right direction, but this is what weakens the ability of the mind to react with complete liberation.  Inaction is a way of seeing into this primal state; it delays our judgements, our attitudes; the common witness to our ideas is no longer involved in endless trial and questioning, but is the serene companion of what comes and goes.  In a world where everything is becoming easy, the only solace is the mind at ease.

Douglas Thornton


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