Signs of Association

Signs of Association

Falcons do not take to the sky as often in winter, but when they do, it always seems to be on sunny days.  The newborn flight of their young will indicate a change of season, and it is almost at this exact moment of the year that we look out to greet the sun anew.  When they hover over high meadows, it gives confidence to our long walks out of doors as if we needed the extra courage to break away from our slumber.  Upon waking, we become like them, rising up into the vibrant rays and cool air of morning.  Whether it is from this or not, I have always associated the sun and the falcon; I seek them mystically.

Fine days make themselves felt through the seasons.  The crisp dawn of spring is something that warms the gentle hours of winter; the phenomenon of wind or rain resemble in appearance those of an ancient time, and give us to reminisce on the spirit thereof.  I almost believe, when the weather changes, it is nature giving us affection.  We are disappointed by the cold, or embrace the heat, not because it is something we have long been deprived of, but because we become conscious of ourselves and feel the slight inspiration of some secret hope finally coming true.  And this really is why we learn to associate things, not because they resemble each other, but because there is a resemblance to a greater whole, and this whole, the more we look for it, is deeper and deeper within ourselves.

Douglas Thornton


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