A Poet's Journal: April 30th, 2014

April 30th, 2014

Those things that take the most energy from us are usually those things that are never present.  'The height of the flood matters not if it goes over the man's head,' said William James and such is the experience of daily life that we are content to see our doubts swell to such an uncontrollable level that we will believe ourselves little fish before we think that we are drowning.  It is easy to see the limits of our existence, our thoughts, and our words, not set up by us, but being mirrored outwardly, because the little faith we give to what others think of us is almost all too often more perceptive than what we think of ourselves.  Illusion holds the faculties and opinions we are instilled with to be correct, or at least able to arrange unknowable and uncontrolled matter into something that is digested and turned into energy--but that is where the mind chooses to rest, in false equality, being convinced of untruth so that the world is acceptable for the truth it holds.  Who cares if the world ends at night as long as the mind has been saved of its burden by day?  If the occupation of mind were not such a constant struggle, idleness would not exist; but the man without an idle moment, what is he called?

Douglas Thornton


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