Nepalese Notebook: September 14, 2014

September 14th, 2014

Dyang 1860m.

The mountains grow and the scenery has taken on a massive aspect; rocks, trees, or the sky, no longer have that habitual feeling but seem to turn the absolute most normal thing into a sacred and almost surreal picture.  We are always repeating: 'This is different...  This is bigger...  This is strange...' but there is really no time to savour any of it, not because we are moving so fast or cannot take our time on the trail, but because we do not realize all of these sights are interior, and before we have tried to cope with them, they have already become a part of our imagination and ideal.  Lunch this afternoon was one of the best we have had so far.
Our tea-house tonight is quaint and we are the only visitors.  Here they cook by wood-fire, and smoke from the kitchen fills the whole dining area.  From our table we can see that we are surrounded by high mountains now, but cannot yet see the tops, and to pass the time to evening we look out, huddling over our tea, while learning the words to 'Resham piriri'.  After dinner, a group of Tamungs gathered together and drank millet wine into the night.    Outside, a small white dog came wandering around from the kitchen area wanting to be pet and this is how we passed our last few moments in the cold and wet darkness, listening to the jovial laughter inside, trying not to go to our beds too quickly.


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