The Cycle Of Being


The Cycle Of Being

Focus to lassitude;
Lassitude to indifference;
Indifference to disassociation;
Disassociation to unfulfillment.

When we arrive at the end of this cycle, regeneration begins. Unfulfillment must turn into something; it cannot, according to present thinking, remain stable.  When there is a difficulty, we look at the details, and these give off a feeling of knowing something greater, and so the intention to go forward, but they also keep us from knowing that something greater, and so our intention to fall back into comfort.  It is often through this that the idea of conquering comes forth; every activity, feeling, attachment, must be overcome.  There is always the idea to solve something, to become better, but these are the details that lead us through the above cycle.  There is no end to anything except what can be stabilized in the mind, and without this it is just going through the motions, awaiting the highs and the lows, excitement and boredom, the foolish and the wise.  The highs and the lows will never not exist, but they will always be in that one dimension we are striving for. 

Douglas Thornton


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