Book Release Coming Soon!


A new volume of poetry will be released in the very near future by Douglas Thornton.  This volume will include all original poems published and unpublished from the years 2016-2022.  Here is the description from the back of the book:

'Before the red sunrise
Could catch my steps
Upon the dew,
Across the quiet hills
They came, where sun
Is last to leave
And fog is first to move,
And a solemn,
Inward marching
Awaits the moon....'

A world perceived in change, a moment hidden in darkness, silent companions to our inward movements....  Who are the uninitiated?  Where do they come from?  The poems that make up this volume hold a sign of our connection to phenomena, entering into a space where chaos becomes recognition, where attention finds purpose, and ancient ritual an understanding of the present.  The more elegantly described, the more truthful feeling becomes; the more truthfully conveyed, the more closely we approach this world and come face to face with ourselves.


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