The Light Of Poetry


The Light Of Poetry

The sun reaches a certain angle at the end of the year that is precious to the heart.  Its steadily declining light is the return of a mystic relationship that has traveled the ages of man, to be the end and purifying sentiment the earth has finally been able to shed upon us.  There is no longer the question of what is good or bad but a measure of bliss is retained in all that is undertaken.  If there is sadness, it will soon be the nostalgic glance backward upon our ignorance, and if there is wisdom, it is the reason we look upon the landscape.  And when there is poetry, it becomes sweeter and compromise found even in the hardest passages.  In the end, we find that nothing poetic is contained in the human, it comes through us as light, and the very thought brings eternity.

Douglas Thornton


  1. To believe the humane is to see their work.
    In seeing what they do with their light.
    To the known of their souls is to see them.
    The poetry of human is where God lives.

    1. Well said! As with any belief, we are conditioned by what it believes and what it doesn't believe, but if we allow those things to come and go of their own accord, as does the light and the dark, then we are able to see something that remains beyond belief.


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