The Eternal World


The Eternal World

The search to find good and do good, that is where our most complexing ideas lie.  To find money and be rich, that is where most of our desires lay.  The longer we look to these things as goals, the more importance they hold in reality.  To take a thought and keep coming back to it as one who eats his breakfast every morning, or as a song we can't get out of our head, eternalizes it; it creates an image of the world based around that very idea.  

The path that was taken by foot is now a highway, the spot where our ancestors sat is now a city; things suddenly take on their own gravity, we are pulled to them not so much because we believe they are right, but because they are engrained with an irresistible urge.  We are living in a world of these ideas with all of their accumulations, with all of their forces and proper universes, and yet even as that world ends we still want to carry on as if it were eternal.  

Something then must be pulling all of these ideas and thoughts to it, and just as a city rises up from the ground, these things have risen up from that something we have tried to understand.  It is not about going beyond good or beyond riches, but about what has created them; and when we start to find out why things are created then we can understand why things become eternal, and from there perhaps we can see that they are not.

Douglas Thornton


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