Circle of Small Extent


Circle of Small Extent

When the clouds move fast and low, and the wind rolls; when the sun strikes out and the rains beat down, there is no further perfection than this, every force finding harmony in another.  A large rain-cloud hovering in the distance, obliquely hazing the horizon; in the space between a rainbow running parallel to it, faint then bright and faint again, moving along imperceptibly until it is only a pocket of translucent light.  In one moment of coexistence the sun creates this phenomenon.  These are the days most to be enjoyed.  What was thought to have a beginning and an end suddenly loses itself in a circle of small extent.

'We, the magical ones,
No longer tragic, descendants
Unafraid, not yet resembling
Ourselves, or the dangers
We create.....'
(Excerpt from Day-Keepers published in The Uninitiated)

Douglas Thornton


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